Hewlett Packard Printer Drivers (HP Printer Drivers)

Hewlett Packard Printer Drivers


Software is essential for ensuring fast and smooth work of your printer in accordance with the latest demands. You can learn how to keep Hewlett Packard software updated all the time, how and where to download and install the needed printer drivers, by reading the information below.

What is a printer driver?

Driver is a type of software that helps your computer connect with your printer and this way work together. You can change your printer settings such as printing quality, or paper size, or any other by having the driver installed. So, by permanent renewal of your printer drivers, you keep your printer up-to-date for a longer time. By installing and updating printer drivers you ensure the work of your printer to always be at a high level of quality and extend the printer’s life.

What will an updated driver do for me?

The driver’s main feature is to give your printer a possibility of working. The more frequently you install new drivers, the better is your hardware’s efficiency; you will be able to use all its features and possibilities for a longer time and in full. By updating your printer drivers you will be exempt from any problem regarding your printer, it will also make the work with the printer easier and offer you the best print quality.

When should I update my hewlett packard printer driver?

You have to update your hp printer driver in the following cases:

  • You bought a new printer
  • You bought a new computer
  • You have updated your computer’s software
  • You have updated your computer’s operating system

If you notice the following things, it means that you have to update your hp printer driver:

  • Documents with some incomplete characters
  • Incomplete documents
  • It takes longer to print something, than it usually was

In order to update your drivers on time, you can use Windows Calendar or Microsoft Outlook which will remind you every time you have to update your hewlett packard printer drivers. You can also receive on a regular basis driver alerts, by visiting the HP’s Subscribers Choice

How do I install a new Hewlett packard printer driver on my computer?

From the Support and Drivers page, select “Download drivers and software (and firmware).” Then enter your product number.

From the Support and Drivers page, select “Download drivers and software (and firmware).” Then enter your product number.

If you have the latest drivers installed, you can improve the work of your printer. But first you have to check what kind of driver you have installed, if it is the latest version or not. You can check it by accessing the Support and Drivers page.

1. Select “Download drivers and software (and firmware).”

2. Enter the product number (this is the alphanumeric code which is usually located on the front or top corner of the printer. If you still cannot find the product number, click the How do I find my product name/number).

3. Click on the “Check” button and you will see if you have the most up-to-date driver.

To install:

Below are the instructions on how to install the printer drivers.

1. Firstly, you need to select the type of operating system that you use from the list of options, such as Windows Vista or Windows XP. (if you are not sure which operating system you use, click on What is your operation system).

Click the “Check” button, and follow the instructions.

Click the “Check” button, and follow the instructions.

2. Secondly, you have to select the basic driver or a driver and software bundle from the list of options.
3. When there appears the message “Do you wish to save or run this file?, you should click “run”.
4. After that simply follow the instructions for installing.
5. Once you complete the installation you have to restart your computer.

Non-HP printer owners

Those who use other, non-HP types of printers, should visit the support page of their manufacture’s website, the one which produce the product, where the installing instructions could usually be found or were you can make a request for a new driver, which should be sent to you on a CD.

hp printer drivers

Where can I find more help?

You could visit HP Total Care for any questions that you have regarding the software, downloading drivers and any other assistance for HP printers.

hewlett packard printer drivers

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